Sunday, August 28, 2011

5 months (August 25th)


I can’t believe I have 5 month old babies!  What a fun month it has been though!  This past month, I FINALLY got a good schedule down for both of you, with help from talking to several moms of multiples.  Since I am feeding you every 3 1/2 hours and I need to get 5 feedings in, we start the day at 7 AM.  I always have to wake you up and you both greet me with the biggest smiles!  Then, you eat at 10:30, 2:00, 5:30, and 7:30.  You have officially dropped your last nap (after the 5:30 feeding) and so we discovered this is your cranky time.  We pull out all the tricks to keep you busy with the least amount of fuss time possible.  We put you both in stations and have to rotate about every 10 minutes.  One station we started this month is sitting in the high chair, usually while mommy and daddy cook/eat dinner.  I am also trying really hard to not start solids and cereal until you are 6 months old, we will see what this month holds for us :).  You both LOVE to roll from back to tummy and you do this almost every time I lay you down on your play mat and in your beds.  In fact, you both started sleeping on your tummies this month and it was scary for me at first couple of days.  The monitor wasn’t good enough, I would actually stand over your bed and watch you sleep until I figured out you were fine.  You both started the church nursery this month.  The first time I took both of you, I held on tight to the pager and checked it about every 2-3 minutes, waiting for it go off.  It never did.  So, we left church early to come get yall because we thought for sure our pager wasn’t working and you were crying because you missed us.  Not the case.  You did great in the nursery and you both picked up a cold from there too.  Wow, talk about long days and nights.  You currently are both still stopped up and have runny noses and even a cough here and there, never mind if it’s fake or not.  I know I can’t protect you from sicknesses but I sure try! 



Gage, where to start buddy?  Like the above picture, you still ALWAYS have something in your mouth: fingers, fist, burp cloths, toys, and most recently, your FEET!  This past month, you also discovered your tongue and it is almost always out now.  It is pretty hilarious how you can smile and stick your tongue out at the same time.  This past month, you also got a viral infection which means you had a rash all over your body and your diapers were a MESS!!!  With that, you got a yeast infection under your neck as well, from all the drool that you are putting out.  The pediatrician said to try and keep your neck dry, ha! Impossible!  You are also still spitting up, A LOT!  I have to wash a load of burp cloths and bibs everyday for you.  You are still busy and active and we are learning that you fear nothing.  I see me developing gray hair very soon with you!  You try and roll/ take a dive wherever you are.  We always have to have a hand or two on you!  Still predicting you crawling in the next month or two.  When you are on your tummy, you are scooting and squirming, no crawling form yet, but then again, you may create your own way of getting around.  We love you Gage and your silly personality!  Here are some highlights from this month…


Ready for the pool


All smiles (and drool)






first time in your highchair


“I love my feet!”


spitting up on dad is so fun!





Sweet Graham!  Like this picture, if you don’t feel like doing anything, you don’t.  In your time.  Some days, you roll over all day, and some days you could just lay your head down and not do tummy time or anything else.  I love that about you but I can see some head butting in the future if you don’t do things when I tell you to :).  We will see, you may surprise us.  You are starting to “come out of your shell” this month.  Your squeal is getting louder and higher.  You want to be heard and you take advantage of the few times your brother is quiet.  You are still laid back and love to cuddle.  One thing I noticed about you this past month is how aware you are of your surroundings and you always follow my voice.  When someone else holds you, you turn your lip upside down and you look like you are scared and want to cry.  This past month has been fun to watch you play with your toys.  You don’t just play with your toys, you study them and figure out what they do.  Right now, you love to lay on the Baby Einstein mat and push the button on the toy that lights up and sings.  We put you in the jumparoo for the first time this month and you love to push all the buttons and figure out how everything works.  We love you Graham and your calm personality!  Here are some highlights from this month…


Ready for the pool



You love the Bumbo and could sit and play all day in it


you still love your thumb, at night


sometimes playing makes you tired :)

gg4 gg9

You picked up another trait from your dad, when you both are tired, you scratch your head


guess I should start buckling you in now


1st time in your highchair


handsome boy!


crazy hair


Gage spit up in your hair and you don’t mind


cuddling with momma

IMG_3261  1 IMG_3269

32  4

It’s been another fun and eventful month with you two.  We love you both so much!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Night the AC went out…

About a month ago, we were getting ready for bed.  We, as in, Jared and I.  It was 10:30 and the boys were already down for the night.  I thought it felt warm in our house, but I never know if it is just my hormones.  I told Jared and he went to check the thermostat.  We keep our house on 77 and it was reading 81, not cool!  I knew right then that our AC was out because I had been hearing about everyone’s AC going out, probably because it was over 100 degrees for like 45 days in a row.  Anyway, I called my aunt, who lives in Grapevine, and asked if we could come stay the night.  Jared started calling all the AC companies to see if they could come out at night, but they were all busy, imagine that!  So I quickly grabbed everything I thought we needed or possibly needed, just for one night.  Diapers, wipes, blankets, pack-n-play, onesies, diaper bag, pump, pump parts, nursing pillow, toys for the boys (who knows how long we will be there) Zoey, Zoey’s food and bed...  What did I forget?  I forgot clothes for me and I forgot that the boys were 4 months old and couldn’t sleep together in the same pack-n-play.  It could have been worse.  Here are some pictures of our adventure that night…


loaded tahoe


boys sleeping soundly


don’t judge, Graham was not wanting to sleep with Gage, so he got to sleep with me :-/



Gage was comfortable and slept well


YUCK!  I appreciate our AC so much more these days!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Right where I need to be…

Today is the first day in 24 years that I did not get up and go to school, either as a student or a teacher.  I thought it would be a little easier transition, but at the end of the day, I know this is right where I need to be.  HOME with my BOYS.  

Today, I miss my school, teachers/ friends, principals, office staff, my team, students and their families.  Today, I don’t miss the stress, lunch duty, testing, indoor recess, crazy parents, meetings, going to bed at 9:00 and up at 5:00AM, and deadlines.  All part of being a teacher/educator.

I am a teacher, have always wanted to be a teacher, I know it’s my calling and I WILL return as a teacher, but I am a MOTHER first and know that this is where I need to be right now.  I don’t know how long I am able to stay home with my boys, but I do know how thankful I am for this time and I know I will NEVER regret it.  I am going to take advantage of every single day I have at home with my boys.  They may not remember it, but I will and that is important to me.  I can always be a teacher, but my boys will not always be this size. 

I have more respect for and admire moms who work and are able to come home and take care of their kids and husbands.  I am exhausted just taking care of my boys, feeding them, cooking, cleaning, and being a good wife at the same time.  I will eventually learn how to juggle being a mom, wife, and be a good teacher.






It’s not always easy, perfect and wonderful, but I know this is RIGHT WHERE I NEED TO BE!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Easy & Granna come to town

Last weekend, Easy and Granna came to visit us the boys.  Jared and I wanted to go see a movie, so they watched the boys Friday night so we could on a mini date.  Then, Saturday, Jared and Easy worked on our mailbox that has been leaning (every time it rained, it ruined our mail my US Weekly magazines) so it was time to fix it.  Granna, the boys and I just stayed in the cool house and relaxed and drank lots of coffee. 

mailbox mailbox1

They had to use Jared’s truck to push it forward because it was so heavy (Wish I had some before pictures)

IMG_3221 IMG_3223

IMG_3225 IMG_3227

Thanks for coming to visit us Granna and Easy!  Come back again!