Tuesday, May 29, 2012

14 month update


G & G turned 14 months on Friday, May 25th.  Not sure how that’s possible?

They are doing sooooo much and it is so hard to write down all the new things they are doing but I don’t want to forget these precious moments.

Here is a little update on these two little munchkins!

At 14 months, we LOVE to:

go to Target (haha, mommy wishes)

roar like a lion

MMMMMMM like a cow, not moo, but “mmmmm” :)




play outside

“talk” on the phone, pretend phone


(these are the old school flip phones and the boys LOVE to talk on them)

steal toys from brother

share toys with brother, especially if you just stole the toy from bubba and you see him upset, you will go back and give him the toy. or maybe even find another toy to give him so as long as he quits fussin

find bubba’s milk/snack trap and take it to him

follow 2 step directions

read books

wrestle with daddy

babble to each other all the time (mommy wishes she knew what you were talkin about)

point at everything

show mommy what you want

push anything (mower, cart, car, music table, books…)

play with remotes, phones, anything with buttons, lights up, or makes noise

look for birds


look for airplanes


understand what it means when mommy says

~take a bath (you both run to the bathroom)

~eat (you run to your high chairs)

~night night (you both usually take off in opposite directions)

~change your diaper (again, you both run in opposite directions)

~go bye-bye (go to the laundry room door which leads to the garage)

~outside (you run to the back door)

~NO! you both understand the word, but lately you both love to “test” mommy, just to see if she is serious


so sweet and innocent


little climber

Gage, you are saying so much and repeating words such as:

mama, dada, buh-buh (bye-bye), ni-ni (night night), buh (pointing to the back door for outside), nana (banana), bub (bubbles), bub (Graham), ball, you sign all done, more, milk, and sometimes please.  In the past week, you have a new language.  You are talking out of your nose, almost sounds like you are speaking in tongues. :)  It is hilarious to listen to, wish I could get it on video.

You love to laugh and talk to bubba.  You made up a dance move where you hold up your right hand and your left hand wraps around your wrist, then you bounce up and down and sing.  pretty talented if you ask me! 

You don’t like when bubba, or any other baby/toddler cries, it makes you sad.  And you still don’t like going to the church nursery.  Hopefully, soon, we will get over that.

Love my “mama’s boy” Gager!


Graham, you have your own language, lot’s of babbling!  I can hear the inflection in your voice, like you are saying sentences, but I have NO idea what you are saying.  You “talk” all the time!  You can point and then I know what you want.  You know what you are saying and that’s all that matters.  It goes with your personality, just like with everything else in your little 14 months of life, you will do it in your own time.  Sometimes you sign all done and more but most of the time you point and grunt.  Works for me :/ 

You love to kick the ball and throw the ball, all day long!

Your famous dance move is bouncin up and down and clapping, all the while grinning so big!

You still fake sneeze, fake laugh, and fake cough, very dramatically!  Your personality is sooooo big these days!

Love my little independent “Grahammar!”

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gage’s 1st haircut!

I couldn’t put it off any longer! 

His hair was getting long and stringy and he officially had a mullet. 

You know the kind, business in the front, party in the back.

Yep, I couldn’t hold onto the baby hair any more! 

Plus, Graham was due for another cut (every three weeks now) and I found a place that gives discounts to Moms of Multiples!

So, no more excuses!

gages1st haircut





Look at that sweet mess!


brother chillin, waiting for his turn



IMG_5329 IMG_5330





I can see his ears!

They are definitely looking like little boys now!

Monday, May 21, 2012

the Great Outdoors

We The boys LOVE playing outside!  Have I mentioned that lately?

I’m pretty sure the boys would be perfectly happy if I moved their crib and high chairs outside,

because those are the only reasons we are in these days, to eat and sleep.

Otherwise, we they are out playing,







occasional crunching on a rolly poly,

and exploring!

I’m usually chasing them around,

telling them NO!

and digging dirt and bugs out of their mouths.











at the park

IMG_5315 IMG_5317






outside outside2

taking a break from swimming




helpin daddy mow


two peas in a pod :)



lookin for airplanes

outside8 outside9

I am learning a lot about being a BOY mom

and I LOVE every minute! :)

Ryan & Bekah’s wedding

Hello blog!  It’s been awhile!

My cousin, Ryan and his fiance got married in Sugarland on April 22nd.  I was looking forward to this wedding for a few reasons.

1) My little cousin was getting married!

2) We were going to see all my family, which means lots of babysitting!

3) A chance to get out of town!

Anyway, we loaded up on Friday morning and drove to Cypress to stay with our besties, Robby and Katie, Quinn, and baby Schleider!

Road trips are getting interesting these days.  The boys nap about an hour and then they are ready to run and play.

They actually did pretty good, until we were about an hour away from the Schleider’s house.

We kept watching the weather on our phones and it was showing a  little rain here and there but it was so dark outside, we were thinking a huge storm was about to hit.

And it did!

The WORST thunder and hail storm we have ever driven in, to be exact.

It was so loud, it was scaring the boys (and me!)

I climbed in the back seat, in between the boys, and tried to entertain them by singing and reading. 

It worked…

For about 2 minutes.

Then, screaming the last 45 minutes!

We finally arrived and the boys were so glad to be out of the car.

We had a great afternoon and evening with the Schleiders, just like old times, but with our kiddos! (Sad to say we have no pictures. WHAT?!)

Anyway, the next morning, we left early and headed toward our hotel in Sugarland.  I was meeting my mom, Ju, aunt and grandmother there so we could ride together to the Bridal luncheon.

The boys did “manly things” while the girls were gone.  Still not sure what went on during that time.

bridal luncheon picture.  Grandma decided to not smile

After the luncheon, we decided to shop a little while Jared, G & G took naps. (Apparently the “manly things” they did, wore them out)


Me, Ju, mom, and dad shopping in Sugarland square

After shopping, we got ready and headed to the rehearsal dinner

IMG_5219 IMG_5220

playing outside until rehearsal dinner started







just like daddy, chewin on a straw



Gage and Honey


Graham and mommy, he was thrilled to take a picture


cheesin it up


IMG_5243 IMG_5244

Aunt Juju and Gage

yep, those are forks in his hand, oopsie!

IMG_5246 IMG_5247


Honey entertaining Graham

IMG_5250 IMG_5253


Honey and Gage dancing


Sweet cousin making his “best man” speech


bride and groom


Aunt “nana” Jana, mother of the groom






Graham, me, Jared, Julie, Jerrod

Sunday, wedding day, Gage decided to get another double ear infection, poor baby

that’s why he isn’t in too many wedding pictures

wedding wedding2

I did get to dance with both of my boys during the Mother/son dance

pretty sweet, but no pictures, bummer


Graham watching the bride dance :)

Sad I didn’t get too many pictures on Sunday, mainly because Gage wasn’t feeling well at all!

at the reception

Jared, me, Gage, Honey, Graham, Grandma, John

not sure where Julie, Jerrod, and Papa G are

It was a fun-filled, busy weekend!  Thankful for all the family time…and help :)