Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer fun!

I am loving all things SUMMER right now!

Sweet tea

working on my tan, which means chasing the boys outside. gone are the laying out days

watering my flowers; I water, they dig

eating lots of fruit; pretty sure they could live on blueberries, bananas, and strawberries

swimming every day, back yard or the rec

playgroups with friends

summer vacations

having Honey home from work

Yep, the boys and I have really been enjoying our summer and staying busy! 

We usually start the day off, around 7:30, the boys eat and then they are ready to play outside.  They love their water table and pool, and I’m pretty sure they could live outside.  Thankfully, it hasn’t been too hot outside, yet.

We have play groups on Mondays.  Bible Study starts this Wednesday.  And then, we try to get together and do the splash park or Fairview during the week with some friends.  Fairview is a place that has a big sandy beach area to play in and a splash pad for the boys to run around in.  On days we don’t have anything planned, we usually go to Target or play at home. 

It’s getting easier to get out with the boys, but challenging at the same time. :)  In order for this mama not to go stir crazy, we have to get out at least one time every day.  If you remember, the first year of the boys’ lives, we stayed at home, A LOT!  Between them sleeping 3 times a day and me nursing them, it didn’t leave much time to get out.  And when we did, it was for a short time and usually left me exhausted by the time we were done. 


(it’s hard to believe this was us a year ago!)

So, that is why I am choosing to get out more with the boys and finding things for us to do.


sweet Gage LOVES a good kitchen to play in.  this would be a great gift from the g-parents ;)


Graham LOVES to “kick” the ball all over the back yard and inside the house


the boys love playing peek-a-boo with each other, especially through the french doors

IMG_5346 IMG_5348


on the weekends, when daddy is home, the boys love to “ride the horsey”

IMG_5350 IMG_5355

IMG_5378 IMG_5379

not sure when the last time was that the boys were sitting next to each other, playing


Gage is back to being a “full-time mama’s boy” and I mean FULL-time!


IMG_5364 IMG_5365

kinda hard to see in pictures, but Graham has had hives for the past two weeks.  we have taken him in three times and the pediatrician can’t explain it.  nothing a little Benadryl can’t fix

Play group at our house!


our group is growing.  I think we had 9 kids this day

IMG_5388 IMG_5390

Gage and Caroline


newest member of the group, Emily.  I think she was two weeks old in this picture


IMG_5396 IMG_5399

IMG_5402 IMG_5406

don’t let these pictures fool you. the boys literally “sit” in them for .2 seconds and then they are off again


of all the places to dig in our back yard, why is it my flowers every time?





showing Honey their “treasures” aka, dirt and rocks

iphone pics 685

swimming at the rec

iphone pics 674

iphone pics 676 iphone pics 680

iphone pics 622

Aunt Juju!

iphone pics 620 iphone pics 621

Juju and Honey

iphone pics 617

breakfast with Honey

iphone pics 660

date day: Rangers’ game with JP!

iphone pics 661

Yep, we are SOAKING up every minute of summer!

summer summer1

Graham (L)   Gage (R)

Especially these two!!!