Monday, February 11, 2013


The weekend of January 18-20, Jared was going to a bachelor party  for his best friend, Craig.  Listen, the boys are almost two.  I realize I can take care of them all by myself since I do it all day, everyday.  But, if you’re a mom, whether a working mom or not, you look forward to the weekends to spend with your family, including your husband.  And if you’re a little selfish like me, you look forward to the help so you can run errands or clean house with out two precious angels getting in your way. :)

Anyway, I told Jared I needed to invite my parents up for the weekend so they could play with the boys and I could get stuff done.  It was going to work out perfect for everyone.  Well, Wednesday afternoon, the week of Jared leaving, Graham up from his nap with 101 temp.  I was a little worried it was the flu, since it has been so bad lately.  I gave him motrin but it wasn’t doing anything so Jared stayed home with him on Thursday while I took Gage to school with me.  Graham was acting ok, just not sleeping much and started coughing a lot.  His fever was gone by Friday morning and all was well at the Peel house, or so I thought.  My parents got here Friday afternoon and we played and played and played.  I noticed Gage started coughing a lot that afternoon, but thought nothing of it. Insert MOM of the YEAR here!!!!

Went to bed, excited for the whole bed to myself and ready to get a good night’s sleep and maybe even sleep in a bit since the parents were here.  HA! An hour into my sleep, I was woken up by Gage coughing and crying.  No matter how sick Gage is, he NEVER wakes up in the middle of the night, ever!  He will be sick the moment he wakes up for the day, but never effects him at night.  Graham, completely different story. Another day, another blog on him.  Anyway, I got up with Gage and noticed he was wheezing really bad and couldn’t breathe very well.  The only way I could get him to sleep was sitting up, against my chest.  Which is fine and all, except that means no sleep for me.  Sidenote: I’m a high maintenance sleeper and can only sleep well in the comfort of my own bed, with no babies around, and nothing touching me.  So, that’s how Gage “slept,” if we can even call it that, the rest of the night. Humidifier on, and laying on my chest.  Oh, it was a rough and loooooong night.

The next morning, I started calling the pediatrician the minute they opened and it was busy for 20 minutes and then when I got through, I was put on hold for another 15.  Every child in Frisco was obvi sick that weekend and needed an appointment ASAP.  Sometimes, I hesitate calling the pediatrician bc I worry I will have to pay 2 co-pays for them to tell me that my boys have a “cold” and there is nothing you can do about it.  But my motherly instincts kicked in and told me to take him in anyway.  Come to find out, he had the early stages of RSV and chances are he caught it from his brother, which explains Graham’s fever and coughing.  We left with 3 prescriptions; one for the masks, one for the defibulator, and one for the medicine.  It’s too long of a story to tell you that we had to wait over an hour at the pharmacy and three calls to the on call doctor later, (I was charged for all three of those calls, oh by the way) before we could get any meds.  Did you know you have to have a prescription just for the stinkin’ mask? What?

Anyway, thankfully my dad was with me, because I may have had a few more meltdowns, on top of the 10 I had there, if he wasn’t with me.  We got the stuff and headed home to do our first breathing treatments.  It was a night mare! LET me tell ya.  My aunt came over to help too.  It took my parents, my aunt, and me just to hold down each child to give them their breathing treatment, individually.  We sang songs, played on the ipad, watched Rio, pulled out all the tricks to distract them from the loud and scary noises and bubbles from the machine.  We got through it, and learned real quick how crazy it made Gage.  It didn’t affect Graham as much, but Gage was a maniac!  Literally bouncing off the walls!  Until we put him to bed at 7:30.  He didn’t fall asleep until 11.  It was like that for the next 4 days.  Until I decided their cough was “better” and they didn’t need the stinking meds anymore. 

So thankful my parents were in town to help.  I couldn’t have done it without them.

RSV is no joke.  Thankful they didn’t have this when they were babies.  We survived it and pray we don’t get that again!


the devil- notice the brand has the word devil in it.  Coincidence? I think not!


the dang mask we had to have a presciption for and they won’t even wear it


this is a recent picture of him doing his breathing treatments.  don’t let him fool you.  he or Graham is EVER this happy when they do them.  I just told him to “blow bubbles” and that was funny I guess.

SO thankful my babies are happy and healthy, at least today. :)

1st day of CLC

Well, after a lot of prayer, and anxiety, loss of sleep, worries, etc… I decided to put the boys in our Church Christian Learning Center.  Jared and I wanted some structure for the boys and get them used to listening to other authority and playing with other kids and learning more about God. 

I was missing teaching, but not enough to go back full time, so I decided I would teach there and that way I would still be close to the boys to check on them whenever I needed to. This is perfect for me because it gets the “teacher” part out of me, without bringing home all the extra work and stress. Another added bonus, I still get to stay home with my boys the other 5 days and enjoy playgroups! 

I was pretty excited about it until the day and night before we actually started.  I started worrying that I was “rushing” them into school. 

Was it too early? 

What if they hate me for doing this to them? 

Will they be miserable and not be able to express it to me?

I also worried, even though it’s my church and a safe place, would someone hurt them?

Will they be easily persuaded by the “bad” kids?

Oh so much to worry about for no reason, except that I’m a mom, worried about her kids, and their safety in this crazy, sinful, fallen world.

Well, we went through with it, much to my dismay. 

I couldn’t really see them through my teary eyes  as I dropped them off, but I could hear their tears and that made it so hard.  Forget all that “be strong for your kids” talk.  That obvi went out the window.

  Anyway, we made it through the day.  The boys have the BEST teachers ever, thank you GOD!  They came by my class every hour to let me know how well the boys were doing and all that they were playing.  When I went to pick them up, their teachers showed me pictures that they had taken of the boys during the day and they had the biggest smiles in every picture.  Their teachers went on and on about how well they did and fit right in to the schedule.  They told me how well they listened and shared and played well with others.  Really?  You remember which boys are mine, right?  JK! 

Their teachers also told me that right after lunch, they told everyone to go to their nap mats and lay down and go to sleep.  They couldn’t believe that the boys listened and did just that.  No back rub or anything.  Are you kidding me? At home, it’s play central for a good hour before they go to sleep!  Who are these boys kidding?!

After I signed them out, I went to the door to pick them up and they started crying again.  I don’t get that.  I was there to get them, not tease them and leave them again. 

Anyway, I had a pretty good day too.  It was hard to leave them that first week or two, but we are all adjusting together and it gets better every week.  I loved the class room I was in with the first day and the teachers I was with.  Since, I was hired as a floater, I am supposed to float to different classrooms until I find a good fit for me.  After a few weeks of floating, I am back in the class I started in on day one and LOVE it!  The girl I replaced just had a baby and will be out the rest of the year. 

I look forward to Tuesday/ Thursdays and going to “work” if that’s what you want to call it.  It is so much fun and so thankful we are in such a wonderful program!

It really has worked out.  God has/had a plan this whole time.  Why do I get so worked up and worry about things.  HE is in control and works things out for His good.  It just so happened it is really working out well for us too!


1st day of school 1-8-13