Monday, September 9, 2013

I’m so behind…

on everything these days.  I haven’t blogged in!  Sandlot anyone? :)


My life is nuts.

We sold our house in the spring.

It wasn’t even on the market. (another story, another day)

But we were definitely looking for more space in the near future.

And then the future came.

And so we decided to build a house.

In a new city.

And since it was going to take 6 months and we couldn’t ask the people that bought our house to wait on us, we leased  it back until mid July.

And then, just like that, my life became even crazier.

I started packing our house in April.

Some to the apartment.

Some Most to storage.

And so if ever I was some what organized, those days are gone.

I don’t know where anything is.

Well, yes I do. In storage.

My life is in storage.

I think I left my happy, positive attitude there too.

But, we have a closing date in sight.

Walk-through next Monday, September 16th.

Closing September 20th.

Fingers crossed…

I don’t care if we sleep on our hard wood floors the first night or week.  We are so moving in on that day!!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

iPhone update~ April

There is always a lot going on around here and I’m having a hard time keeping up with blogging about everything.  So, the plan is to do iphone updates and then get back to blogging more regularly. Is that a word? Anyway, here we go!

We missed our 2 year checkup in March so we went at the beginning of April.


Guess who Gage brought to his appt?  His phone doan of course!

But lately, the “doan” becomes a “waltee waltee.”

In case you don’t speak Gage, that would be walkie talkie.


Graham swinging on the stool.  Why not?


Gage loves to say “teeeeeeese!” when he sees me taking pics


Graham, only  when he wants to.  Probably bc he is coloring on his skin instead of the paper and he knows I’m about to take the markers away.

After I snap a pic, of course!


Graham attempting a fit bc I took the marker away.  I wonder why it’s so hard to keep the marker on the paper?


this happens a lot at our house too.  Do they miss going to the dr all the time like we did in the past?  They love to check ears.  Naturally, since we used to go to the dr once a week for an ear infection.  Poor boys, that’s all they think drs do. :)


the weather was beautiful in April so we enjoyed outside time!

Graham would play baseball all day if we let him.  Oh, and he has since moved away from the tee.  He wants us to throw the ball to him so he can hit it.  This boy has some athletic talent.  Didn’t get it from me!


the doggy door is still so interesting to these two.


still loving the water table a year later!!!


picnics outside are the best!


Gage still sneaks in to his brother’s bed while he (Graham) is sleeping.


the boys’ first time to play with their bowling set.

so sweet.

and then, just like that, it turned into a baseball game using the pin as a bat!


Nothing to do with the boys, but I went to my hair lady and said I needed a change.

“Cut my hair off” I said.


She said, “how about bangs?!”

So glad she didn’t cut my hair off!

I’m not one for selfies but I took this one to send to my sis and mom to see if they approve. :)


we facetime Aunt Juju a lot.  But the boys would rather talk to Lucy or “Lulu”

Speaking of Juju…


Julie and her husband, Jerrod, came to visit.

and they took us to a Ranger game! Without the kids. So much fun!


And another day in April (must have been pre-bangs), my aunt came to babysit so Jared and I could have a much needed date night!


On our way to Chuy’s, listening to the Ranger game. 

Josh Hamilton up to bat and Jared “boo-ing” him. 

This is my disappointed face with Jare. :)

I still love Josh. 

Even if he left us.

Stay tuned, or not, for the next round of iPhone pic updates!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Gage’s first emergency trip!

April 3rd, 2013 was not my proudest day. 

Let me start by saying it was cold and rainy out so we were forced to stay inside and play.  Right after lunch, I told the boys they could play about 30 minutes and then it was time for bed.  Gage is never ready for bed and usually does all he can to hold off bedtime.  This day, in particular, he chose to get on his tricycle and “ride” around in the living room.  Graham was tired so I was rocking him and watching Gage on his bike. 

ALl of a sudden, as if someone hit slow-motion button, I watched Gage turn his tricycle and it started tipping over and he fell right into the corner of my end table.  It was not a pretty sight.  I quickly sat Graham down on the floor and reached over to pick Gage up, all the while screaming.  Well, we were both screaming.  And then Graham started screaming too, poor baby, he was almost asleep and was awoken by his crazy mom screaming.  I was hysterical and immediately thinking what I could have done to prevent that nasty fall.  Truth is, nothing.  My hands were full.  Maybe I shouldn’t have had the tricycle in the living room. 

Anyway, since it was a head wound, and apparently everyone knows this, except me at the time, it was bleeding every where!  I knew he hit right above the eye.  Jared was about to walk out the door to his next appt.  Thankfully, he called the dr to see if we should come see them or go to the emergency room.  Their question was “Can you see tissue?  If you can, go to the ER.  If not, he should be fine to come to the dr and we can derma bond it back together.”  I have NO CLUE lady! It’s bleeding EVERYWHERE!!! 

Jared helped me get the boys in the car and I sped to the doctor while he went to his appt.  Not gonna lie, I really wished Jared could have come with me but I got over it bc it was his job and a very important meeting.  He said if Gage needed stitches, he would meet me there. 

Anyway, here we are at the doctor’s office, waiting.

Gage's eye 4-3-13 1

“Ow-wee” he says.  :(

Turns out, they decided he just needed some derma bond to glue it back together.  Thank you, Jesus! 

The boys were both so great.  While I held Gage down so the doctors could do their thing, Graham sat quietly and looked at books.  Seriously?  I thought that only happened to other people’s kids, not mine. :)  Gage was so brave and let the doctors work on him.  His eye was so swollen, they had to work very carefully to try and close it together.  He did so good!  I was so proud of him!


Gage's eye 4-3-13 

Going home with a VERY swollen eye and a little glue to hopefully hold it together.  Here is him saying “cheese” in a pitiful voice. :(

Gage's eye 4-3-13 2

When we got home, I put them down for a nap and Gage woke up screaming an hour later.  I am guessing he had a head ache from his bad fall.  I gave him some Motrin and we cuddled for the afternoon.

And watched his eye continue to swell.

Gage's eye 4-3-13 3

Poor baby!

I’m guessing this won’t be the first time to have an emergency trip with two boys so in a way I’m glad I got the first trip out of the way.  Praying that we don’t have too many more of these trips, if any!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


We jumped on the bluebonnet bandwagon and decided to take our boys after church a couple of weeks ago.


They weren’t so sure of the tall grass, but LOVED saying “fow-wee” at every single flower they saw. You can imagine in a huge field of bluebonnets, how many times we heard that word.


Gage loves to say “Cheese!” every time I get my camera out but his eyes are usually closed.  I need a new word to say to get them to smile.



Not so sure about this, mama!





Gage loves to point next to him and say “bubba, Si” as in SIT!

IMG_6735 IMG_6736

Attempting to smell the flowers.


Me and my boys!



Gage loves to give lots of hugs and kisses.  Fine by me, as long as I’m the only girl receiving them. :)

(Besides the grandmothers, of course)


By this time, they were done standing in the bluebonnets.  “Ho me, mommy!”


Love these boys!


On our way back to the car, we saw some horses across the street, calling Gage’s name.


Graham is our safe and cautious one (sometimes).  He didn’t want anywhere near the horses.


Gage grabbed some grass and let the horse eat out of his hand.  Where was my camera?





And…we’re done!

Monday, April 22, 2013


“He is not here; he has risen!”

Luke 24:6









IMG_6664 IMG_6665




not loving the Easter ears!


breakfast at our picnic table while mommy and daddy are getting ready


“no more pics, mom!”

Ohhh, buddy, just wait!  There will be a ton taken today! :)


family pic before running out the door for church!

After church, we headed to Grapevine to have brunch with my aunt (Nana Jana), uncle and one of my cousins, Reid.


Nana Jana got the boys some treats, too!




Jana, Gage, Graham, Reid

Easter egg hunt!






a little snacking in between finding more eggs


this isn’t a forced picture or anything ;)


checking out our goodies



playing with Reid

IMG_6713 IMG_6714

Graham loving the ears now! Gage, not so much!


Happy Easter!  So thankful that Jesus rose and is alive today!