Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Main Street

A couple of weeks ago, downtown Frisco had their annual tree lighting and Jared and I decided to take the boys.  IMG_6119It was our first time to go and we really enjoyed it!


Well, not all the waiting around, but you get the picture. :)


It was super windy, not that you could tell by this picture ;)


Baby daddy with Graham


oh, and they had a fire work show, very cool.


Again, the boys didn’t exactly love this part either, but I promise they did later.


Let’s be real, it scared the you know what out of them.

Dear July 4th, maybe we will watch NY fireworks on tv again next year.


Fireworks were over and we were good… but still not ready for the camera


First, of many, attempts for a family picture


We’re at least all looking in this one, kind of…


Graham, Mr. Independent, has been quite clingy lately.  I believe he was saying “Ho me!” in this picture



Just trying to take a good picture, boys


“Oh WOW, fi tru!” I believe were Graham’s words when he saw this fire truck.

Merry Main Street 2012

We LOOOOVE fire trucks right now.


Gage wasn’t so sure about this big truck.


Hmm, the more I look at these pictures, it doesn’t look like the boys so much enjoyed this trip. 

It was way past their bedtime, I’ll give them that.

And, very crowded and loud, not used to that.

Maybe they didn’t love it?

Jared and I did, at least. :)

We’ll try again next year…


We went to see Santa this year on a Friday morning.

I’ve seen and heard horrific stories, from my friends taking their kids who are G & G’s age, and they were terrified!  In fact, screaming in their pictures.

I just knew that would be us.

Or, at least, for Graham.

Santa 2012-1

(Sorry it’s blurry, but you get the idea)

(Sweetest picture ever!)

Yeah, I was wrong.

Santa 2012-2

They did great!

In fact, Graham LOOOOOOOVED “Ho-Ho!” as he calls him.

Gage, he was a little unsure about this whole Ho-Ho person.

But he got a high five, fist bump, and bracelet out of the guy.

And let me just say, Santa (aka Ho-Ho) wasn’t so bad himself. He was awesome with the boys and spent about 10 minutes just talking to them and letting them feel comfortable with him instead of me forcing them on his lap)

It was a fun trip.

Oh, and we met up with our twin friends…

Santa 2012

Notice the ones on the left, Graham and Mila, are enjoying themselves, and Gage and Brooklyn, not so much.

Looking forward to many more “Santa” trips.

Annnnnnnddddd just for fun, here was last years pic…


Looks like Graham loved Santa last year too :)


Wow!  Where does the time go…

And… two years ago…


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dallas Metro PCS 1/2 marathon aka White Rock

On Sunday, December 9th, I ran another 1/2 marathon (my third race-two halves and a full marathon).


(pre-race pic with my hubby and sister. of course, Julie and I had to match and coordinate with Jared)

I used to run all the time.

When I was around 5th grade, I started running with my dad at the track.

In jr. high and high school, I ran track and cross country.  Don’t look me up.  I ran to stay in shape, not necessarily to compete :)

And I’ve been running all these years, until I started IVF treatment.  Then, I had to stop.

A little over two years later, think July 31st, I picked running back up and decided I wanted to train for another 1/2.

My sister, her husband Jerrod and my husband (never having run before) decided we should all do it together.

(Jerrod, Julie’s husband, decided mid August, this whole running a half wasn’t for him) :) he’s the smart one!

Not gonna lie, starting to train for a half, in the middle of a hot summer, very out of shape, was not my best idea. 

But instead of the usual 12 weeks it would take to train, I figured I needed a few extra weeks months!

Now that I have kids, it makes training very hard.

Either, they come with me and I have to push the BOB on my route or I wake up super early, when it’s dark and scary out, and run.

I mainly took the boys with me on my routes.

Except Saturdays, which were my long runs, Jared would babysit while I ran, and vise versa.

I only missed three days of training because of stomach bug hitting our whole family.

We ran 5 out of 7 days a week.

I was committed and determined.

Anyway, I decided I run the best in cold weather, which was the weather for my previous races, and the worst in hot/humid weather (every day in Dallas, TX).

The morning of the race, it was

100% humidity and 71 degrees!


Even though I drank water all weekend, who am I kidding, I drink it all the time, I was still dehydrated.

I don’t ever carry water when I run.  In fact, in my full marathon, I might have had a sip of water in all the 26.2 miles.


(at the starting line- oh, and we met up with Julie’s friend, Lexi too)

But, in this particular race, at Mile 2, when I saw the ambulance loading people up on stretchers, I knew I had to stay hydrated and drink as much water as possible.

The first 5 miles weren’t bad at all.

Besides the usual weaving in and out of the crowds of people, it was good.

Mile 6, my music quit playing. Grrr

Mile 8, I was super thirsty and sweating a lot!

Mile 9, I started getting chills and dizzy. Not a good sign

Mile 10, not sure I was going to make it.

Mile 11, Jared continued to encourage me and bring me water while I was running.

Mile 12 to Mile 13.1 was the longest 1.1 miles of my LIFE!!!!

But I made it.

(We all did)


Dehydrated and all.

Was walking a choice for this stubborn girl? NO way.  Not after I had been training all these months.

I pushed through and prayed a lot!

I finished 10 seconds slower than my first half (5 years ago).

I know I was dehydrated, and I’m old, and have kids (who sometimes keep me up at night), but wow, it was a little tougher this race.

My sister and Jared did AMAZING, by the way, especially for their first race!!!

I was so proud of them!


Thanks to Jared for literally pulling me across the finish line.

(Honey was too busy with the boys to take pictures of them while we were racing) :)

Thanks to Honey for staying home and babysitting the kiddos.


Thanks to my dad and Jerrod for coming and cheering us on!

The rest of the day, after my much needed shower, I chose to lay in bed and wait for the aching and cramping of my body to be over.

Monday morning, I felt like a brand new woman!

Cowtown 1/2  2012, here we come!

What just happened?

Hello blog! It’s been awhile!  I wish I could say that for the past month, I am taking a break from blogging.  Well, I am, but not on purpose. 

See, these boys are ALWAYS busy and up to something.

Keeping me on my toes. 

When it’s quiet, and then I hear a giggle or twin babbling going on, it scares me to find what they are doing and or scheming. 

The best time to blog is while they sleep. 

Well, they should be napping right now, but instead, I am watching them, on our video moniter, climb jump out of their beds while I attempt to blog.  This has become a 10 times a day event, since Thanksgiving.  And I am running in their room every time, yelling telling them to lay down and go night-night!!!!  This is for all those moms of multiples out there, it gets easier when??? :)

I mean, I do LOVE my sweet angels.

I don’t know what I would do without them.

Get bored I guess.

They keep me in pretty good shape too.

Anyway, back to what just happened.  Another example of them “being busy.”

Let me just explain what just happened here…


I’m trying to get some work around the house done.

I hear drink cans being slammed on the ground.

Naturally, I turn around to see Gage pulling out all my Dr. Pepper 10 cans (full and un-opened, by the way) and passing them to Graham.

Dec 11, 2012

Gage shows Graham what to do (this is a daily hourly thing as well.  Showing bubba what to do, whether it’s a good thing or bad idea)

Dec 11, 2012-1

Graham catches on and pretends to drink the Dr. Pepper too

Dec 11, 2012-2

So glad these aren’t open!

Then, they start shaking them, which is the part where I put my camera down, forget about pictures and how cute they look doing this, and take the Dr. Peppers away so we don’t drop them and they explode and spray all over my house!

Oh wait…

Dec 11, 2012-3

that DID happen! Those sneaky kiddos snuck a Dr. Pepper off to their room, while I was picking up the other Dr. Peppers, continued to shake them, I assume, and then drop it and watch it spray/ explode all over my hallway! 

Gage was laughing…

Dec 11, 2012-4

Graham was crying!

That’s about right in our house.  One happy, one sad, or mad.  They can’t always get along and be in the same moods.

By they way, this short blog has taken me over 30 minutes bc of the amount of times I am still running in their rooms to stop them from jumping out, or messing with their video moniters.

Love these kiddos!  Thank you God for patience and prayers for extra patience during play time nap time today :)