Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Our friends with twins, the ones we met at the park, also known as “our twin friends,”  asked us to go to Oklahoma last weekend.  Jessi’s husband, Jeff, had Friday and Monday off for Veteran’s day, so we decided we would head to their lake house and make a weekend out of it.  So, a week ago Monday, Jessi called me to confirm our weekend plans, and also to ask if we would want to go the the Baylor OU game and his parents could babysit both sets of twins. 


Free babysitting?

Free game tickets?

“Relaxing” for a few hours with good friends and watching football?

YES please

(SN: They are huge OU fans and well, you know, Jared is a huge Baylor fan, how much fun would that be?!) 

We decided that we would surprise Jared about the game, since he always surprises me with fun gifts, treats, and trips.  I had to be sneaky and pack our Baylor gear and tell a few fibs along the way, for this to work out.  Here’s a recap of our weekend…

Jared worked a half day on Friday morning, which was perfect, because I got my 8 mile run in at 7 and boys’ follow up tubes appt at 9.  The boys dropped Jessi and I off at Target, around noon, to get some food and snacks for the trip (essentials people: especially for the kids) while they took the twins to Chick-fil-A to get our lunch.  We got on the road around 1:30. 

Half way down the road, we realized we forgot to pack the other pack n play.   Hmmm… So we stopped at Target, in Durango, and had to buy another one, that we may or may not have taken back after the weekend.  Sorry dad, pretend you didn’t read that. :-/

Over all, it wasn’t a bad trip, and we got to Lake Wewoka around 4:30.  Of course, it would not be an exciting trip if the “hidden” key was really hidden, as in, not there!  So, we called Jeff’s parents, they live in Oklahoma City (about an hour and a half), to bring us another key.

Thankfully, it was a beautiful day, in the low 70’s, so we let the kids run wild!  They kicked the ball, threw rocks in the “wa-wa” (water), fed the ducks, and threatened to jump off the dock a few times. 

There was a lot of time for pictures…


Jessi, Brooklyn, Gage, Mila, Jeff (Where’s Graham?)


Sweet brothers throwing rocks


finding the perfect rock





Mila exploring



(Trees were beautiful this time of year!)


Gage, going for a swim



Postcard pic




Graham feeding the ducks


My sweet husband in his happy place, fishing


“Come back, ducks!”


Graham talking to the ducks

time for some family pics…




Brooklyn, Jessi, Jeff, Mila





Jeff’s dad brought us the key, we cooked out, fed the kids, and put them to bed.

Not sure how much sleep we all got that night, but that’s what coffee is for, right?

The next morning, we got ready and told Jared our plans were to go to the zoo in OKC around 2:00, so we needed to go eat lunch around 12 and head out.  (The game started at 2:30 and it was about an hour or so away from where we were.)  We got all packed up to leave, and our car wouldn’t start!  The battery was dead.  Finally, got it started and headed out.  We went to eat lunch and get on our way.  I don’t know how Jared didn’t notice when we came to a “V’’ in the road, Norman left, Oklahoma City right and we went Left, he never said anything.  Anyway, driving along, Jeff called Jared and said, “Hey, is it okay if we drive by the OU stadium?”  Jared said he would love to see it, still having no clue.  We came to a church parking lot, near the stadium where his parent’s were meeting us, stopped and Jeff and Jessi had changed into their OU shirts and came running to our car, shouting “Let’s go OU!  Come on, Jared, get your Baylor shirt on so we can get to the game!”  He was so confused but super excited after we told him the plans.  We told both sets of twins bye and told the grandparents “Good luck!” and we were off. 

OU Baylor game 2012 1

Jessi and I sat in the nose bleed section and let the boys have the good EndZone seats

OU Baylor game 2012

met up with the boys in the fourth quarter bc some seats opened up near them

OU Baylor game 2012 2

happy crew

OU Baylor game 2012 4

This was one, of a million times, he told me how happy he was for the “best trip and surprise ever.”

It really was his dream vacation: Lake, Baylor game, being with family and friends.

What a fun weekend! :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Baylor Homecoming 2012


We enjoy going to Waco for Baylor homecoming every year and it’s always fun seeing our friends and their kiddos.  This year was fun because the boys enjoyed the parade and visiting the bears.   They also enjoyed seeing and playing with their cousins.  They weren’t the biggest fans of the bonfire Friday night, thus the reason I have no pictures of it.


showing me the flowers “fwowers” (aka weeds)


We love stairs!

baylorhomecoming2012-4 baylorhomecoming2012-5

first time to get our faces painted, I was excited :)


“this bonfire thing is over rated” says Gage :)


Since this cutie decided to wake up at 5:30 AM, we hung out in the hotel lobby and made friends with all the other early bird crazies


Gage and Easy at the parade




Granna and Gage


so sweet

IMG_6045 IMG_6030

(so sorry for my fluffy hair, it was humid)


Jared’s roommate Cam, from college, and his wife Allison and their triplets. 

(We decided that we should grab our strollers and 5 boys and join the parade, we were more entertaining to watch, I’m sure)


we visited the bears while they were eating


love this picture, wish there were more light!


IMG_6052 IMG_6054







Last year at homecoming…