Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Current Family Favorite(s)

That’s right! 

Gage and Graham are the “Current Family Favorite(s).”







“that’s all the pictures, mom, i’m outta here!”


That is, until another grandbaby comes along :)

Just Kidding!

They will always be the Family Favorites!

Christmas pictures

We have certainly enjoyed our babies this Christmas season and have taken tons of pictures to prove it.  Since I am so behind on blogging, I won’t bore you with any stories, just a million pictures.






dancin with HoneyIMG_4126

Papa G’s shoulders

IMG_4130  IMG_4128 

Hard at work decorating his gingerbread men


Craig came to see us!



Playdate at Caroline’s and yes we went in our jammies (it was that kind of morning)




Brie and Caroline


Our friend Hudson and Graham



dancin to Rudolph





Gage enjoyed helping me “wrap” this year and make these sweet messes :)


met Santa at Stonebriar Mall

oops treedown

they figured out how to knock their Christmas tree down in their room.  i didn’t put any ornaments on it this year for this reason


playing with our Nativity


busy little elf







Family night at the “Higgmas” Party and Ft. Worth

On Friday night (Dec 17), our family of four loaded up and headed to Ft. Worth because some of Jared’s agents were having a Christmas or “Higgmas” party.  Ft. Worth isn’t too far away for us but when you have babies, you can’t just go for a couple of hours and then head back.  You need to plan for an afternoon or evening.  So, after the party, we went to Sundance Square to eat at Mi Cocina (yummy) and then walk around down there.  It was so pretty and we really had a great time.  It was cold, so we kept the boys bundled up in their stroller while we pushed them around the square.  With all the planning and packing for the evening, of course, I forgot my camera, so, iphone pics it is!


we the boys weren’t too sure about this Santa…



their boots didn’t last too long.  who can keep shoes on 8 1/2 month babies boys anyway?


feeding the boys at Mi Cocina

ft worth

all bundled up walking around downtown

ft worth1

ft worth3

ft worth2

on our way out, we saw these pretty trees all lit up an energy plant


What a fun night it was!  We will probably do this every year!

Monday, December 19, 2011

30 days of “thanks”

Wow! I promise I wrote these down every day in November, but I am just getting to blog about them.  Some are silly and some are serious but either way, I have so much to be thankful for.  Here we go…

I am thankful for…

November 1st- our boys’ health; thankful for a full term pregnancy with twins, not much NICU time for them (Gage was in NICU, Graham was not), and their overall health these past 8 1/2 months.  Thank you God, for watching over and taking care of our babies.

November 2nd- being able to stay home with my babies this year and watching them grow, develop, and learn something new everyday.  I am enjoying and so thankful for every minute!

November 3rd- my husband, Jared, and all he does for the boys and I and all his hard work so I can stay home with the boys and take care of them.

November 4th- our colleges, ACU and Baylor, and the education and Christian environment they provided for us that helped make us who we are today.

November 5th- our house, roof over our head, and shelter from the storm.

November 6th- our families health and all the time we are able to spend with them!

November 7th- the example my parents set for me and my siblings, they showed us what it means to be a family, and love, and what it means to be a parent.  I think they did an amazing job for/with us!

November 8th- that today is a new day, a time to start over and that God is giving us another chance.

November 9th- sleep at night, even if it’s only for a few hours.

November 10th- my mother-in-law, who is retired, and is able to come help me or with the boys.

November 11th- our Veterans and all who have fought for our freedom.

November 12th- my Aunt Jana, who lives in Grapevine, and offers to come play with the boys once a week so I can get stuff done.

November 13th- our Sunday school class and all the friendships we have made.

November 14th- my siblings, Grant and Julie, and my sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws.

November 15th- the leaves changing color this time of year.

November 16th- naps for the boys, even if they sometimes only last 20 minutes. :)

November 17th- a warm house, warm bed, and warm fire on this cold morning.

November 18th- my old 2nd grade teammates (Tammie, Jana, Ashley, and Kelly) and the wonderful dinner I had with them tonight.

November 19th- my extra cuddle time with Gage, my non-cuddler, while he is sick.

November 20th- being able to nurse the boys for at least 8 months and counting…

November 21st- my baby sister and best friend!  Happy birthday JU! I love you!

November 22nd- spending this week (Thanksgiving) in Abilene with the majority of our families.

November 23rd- my in-laws that love me like their own daughter.

November 24th- Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims and Indians who made this great holiday a time to feast and reflect on all we are thankful for.

November 25th- getting to spend some extra time with Grandma Hogg today and her enjoying the boys on their 8 month birthday!

November 26th- the time spent at home with our family of four, decorating the Christmas tree, listening to Christmas music, and watching a Christmas movie (for the first time ever!)

November 27th- good friends, old and new!

November 28th- my grandparents Grandma Gregg, Grandpa Gregg, and Grandma Hogg who mean so much to me and are able to get to know their great grand babies.  Happy birthday Grandma Gregg!

November 29th- coffee, because like God, it is there waiting for me every morning and gets me going and makes me feel great!

November 30th- my past, the good and challenging parts that have made me who I am today and thankful for forgiveness. 

There are a million more blessings God has given me and my family, daily, and I am so thankful for each and everyone.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas jammies

Gage and Graham have so many Christmas jammies, and they look so cute in all of them, that I have to take pictures of the boys wearing them everyday.


















I wonder how long I can get away with dressing them in cute Christmas jammies?