Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cowboy game

A few weeks ago, (I feel like everything is a “few weeks ago,” I can’t remember any dates any more, I rarely know what day it is, anyway) one of Jared’s agents offered us their season tickets pass for the first game.  Since we don’t get out much these days, Jared and I that is, we decided to take the tickets and ask my aunt Jana (Nana Jana to the boys) if she would babysit.

Of course, she said yes, and we were on our way!


The tickets were awesome! Very good seats! Row 21, I think?



(I’m not even sure how cool it is to where a pink Romo jersey anymore, but I had to support)


The only reason I really wanted to go to the game… to see Romo.

Don’t judge, you think he’s pretty cool too!


I also love Miles Austin, but he was hurt this game.  Bummer!



Who takes pictures of their food?  This girl! Only because I love their Nachos and all that processed cheese.

Nevermind that we ate dinner before the game. :)

It was a fun night!  No one needs to know that we left in the fourth quarter because we were tired and it was past our bedtime.

brothers don’t shake hands, brothers gotta hug!

We LOVE hugging our brother lately.


I love capturing these sweet moments.

(oh, but don’t be fooled- right after they hug, one usually ends up being pushed down to the floor.) :)

the BIG 3-0!

Well, the unthinkable happened…


I turned 30!

(like 2 months ago, denial much?)


I always thought 30 seemed soooooo old.

And then I turned 30.

Let me tell you, it’s really not that bad.

I’ve just entered another decade…

my metabolism has slowed down…

and I have a few more gray hairs.  But really, it’s not that bad. :)


Because I was able to celebrate with my boys!

IMG_5665 IMG_5666



It was a birthday weekend full of surprises.

Jared decorated our whole house in 30 paraphernalia, in case I forgot how old I was.

I had a massage and pedicure set up for me.

And he had two nights of surprise dinners set up.

And plenty of gifts to spoil his woman.

He’s a good man, I think I’ll keep him.


Here is one of my surprise dinners at Maggiano’s, not the best picture, but it was a good night with great company.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Plano Balloon Fest

Last Saturday night, everyone was finally feeling better (after the dreaded stomach bug hit all of us but Graham, more on that later) we headed out to the Plano Balloon Fest with some friends.  If you are from a small town like we are, where there are only about 3 1/2 balloons and some stale cotton candy to snack on at their balloon fest, then coming to the Plano one is pretty stinkin cool!  And BIG!

We met at our new friends’ house, whom we met at a park about two months ago (I promise, it’s not as creepy as it sounds).  They are fun people and the best part, they have TWINS!  They are about 6 weeks younger than the boys.  Oh, and they are girls, which makes it better, because we have already arranged for which twin will marry who.  Love arranged marriages because we are good friends with the in-laws already.

Anyway, besides it being crowded, loud, chaotic, and HOT, we had a GREAT time!


Gage, Brooklyn, Graham, Mila

(in couples that we arranged for marriage) I’m kinda kidding, but kinda not :)


Daddy and Gage




getting their “ba-oo” (balloons)


I believe his exact words, “Oh wow!”  (sorry for the front wedgie, but, he’s rockin it)

IMG_5859 IMG_5860

Gage                                         Brooklyn


Snacks keep us busy and entertained (and happy)



How many adults does it take to take their children’s picture?


Carter joined us too, but not for long…


“Mom, seriously?  I’m trying to hang with my girl!”



Wonder what they are discussing?


You can tell this is one of those pictures where we are all faking a smile for the camera.  Notice my muscles err, arms, straining. 


We were having fun at this point


Couldn’t decide which pic was better so I put them both on


Oh yeah, balloons.


I love this pic of daddy and, umm… one of the boys, not sure who.  Oopsie :)


Not sure how I ended up with two pictures of the hot air balloons?  Oh yeah, I remember, because we didn’t exactly “sit around” and watch them.

But it was fun.  Maybe we will go again next year and attempt the “toddler” area, full of face painting, bounce houses, and trillions of kids!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On the farm…

Last weekend, we packed up and headed out west!

We went to Abilene to see the grandparents for their special day and take the boys to the farm for the first time!

(These are the pictures just from the farm, there are a ton, so I will post the other Abilene pics next.)


city boy meets country (he “talked” on his phone all night!!!)

Note to self: when it’s time to get the boys’ cell phones (in about 20 years) Gage needs the plan with the most minutes!  This boy can talk!

Easy introducing the boys to his tractor.  They liked it a little. :)  Especially the horn!

Yeah, not much to say about this picture.

4 wheelin

Graham’s not so sure

Granna, Gage, and Graham


Gage racing daddy. Ugh, I’m getting gray hairs already thinking of my future with these three!

If this doesn’t scream “west Texas family shoot” I don’t know what does!

(Hello white legs!)

Aunt Brit with Graham

Coach showing us his friend

awe, these four…

pretty darn cute!

Aunt Brit with Gage


(I have to brag a little and say these are the cutest twin boys I’ve ever seen!)

Sweet Gage~ life’s tough on the farm

melt my heart!


sweet Graham

those eyes…

and that smile! WOW!


I have to say, I wasn’t really prepared (clothes-wise) to go to the farm. 

I have worn my heals out here a time or two, so this isn’t bad. 

But I mean, really, isn’t this what everyone wears to the farm?

Braden and Camden fishin


Camo and Graham in their undies/diaper

bath time!

I think the boys enjoyed their first time, of many, to the farm!