Tuesday, October 30, 2012

BIG Orange Pumpkin Patch

On Monday, October 15, we decided to meet some friends at the Pumpkin Patch.  I wasn’t sure what it would be like single-mommin it, (with 2 very busy and active toddlers who, if set free in a big wide open space, such as a pumpkin patch, would run opposite ways) so I invited my aunt Jana along!  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time!

1 3


Gage feeding the cow (Graham was too afraid to feed the animals, just wanted to watch)


Graham “riding” the tractor


in his element


LOVE this picture of Graham


its slightly impossible to get these two to smile and/or look at the camera lately


Gage feeding the goats


priceless picture :)

11 13

About to go on the hay ride


me with Graham and Gage, Rachel with Emily and Caroline, Kelly with Hudson, Susan with Reagan and Grant



picking out their pumpkins from the hay ride


not a strained picture at all :)

17 18

Jana helping Gage find the perfect pumpkin


takes some serious muscles (and tongue) to lift Gage’s pumpkin


Graham found his pumpkin

21 22


standing on the big red truck


We were a little scared of these painted hay bales, for some reason.


See ya next year, Pumpkin Patch!

Girls’ Weekend!

For months, the moms in our mommy group have been talking about going on a little trip; away from kids, away from responsibilities, away for the weekend.  I’ve never left the boys before, so I would chime in and say how fun that would be, but really thinking I could never leave them.  Back in July, when our group took me out for dinner, we set a date for October, because we knew we wouldn’t ever go unless we set a date.  Susan’s parents, a mom from our group, have a condo in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  We decided that would be perfect for our weekend getaway.  Again, thinking I couldn’t leave my boys, but dreaming at the thought of getting away from all responsibility, sounded pretty good! 

When October came, we started talking about our trip more and planning things out.  It started becoming a reality. 

I was getting so anxious.

Could I leave my boys for the first time? 

Could Jared really handle being “the mommy” all weekend, by himself? 

Would he need help? 

Would I be able to sleep/ function without any responsibilities or hearing the monitor or cutting up food all day?!?!


Well, Friday came around and I had cried all day.

I felt so guilty.

But, I was all packed up and it was time for Jared and the boys to drop me off at Kelly’s.

I cried the whole way over.

Would the boys forget about me?

Would they miss me so much they wouldn’t be able to do anything else?

Would I be an emotional wreck and not enjoy my weekend away?

When we got to Kelly’s, Rachel told us her and her husband made up a BINGO card for the husbands to fill out over the weekend, AKA, back up plan if the kids are cranky and they can’t handle it of things to do with the kids.  The goal was to get 1 BINGO, 5 in a row, by the time the weekend was over.  This is the text I got from Jared Saturday morning…


of course he was the first to get a BINGO.  And several more. He was proud of himself.


All those fears and anxieties were at peace when I was with these girls.  I had total faith Jared could handle it.  The boys would be fine! 

I didn’t look back or shed a tear the rest of the weekend.  It was a much needed trip away and made coming back home, to all three of my boys, amaze-fest!


(SN: blurry iphone pictures because I left my camera at home in hopes Jared would take some of him and the boys)


(had to stop and eat at “Fat Bottomed Girl’s Cupcakes, YUMMO!)


(we did lots of shopping and eating)


(little pumpkin patch we found)

We also went on a dinner cruise Saturday night, but those pictures didn’t turn out so good, but it was fun!

Great weekend!


I honestly don’t know how Jared did it.  I knew he could do it but I wondered what my house and the boys looked like while I was gone.  I wish I could have been a fly on the wall, watching the chaos that I'm sure went on.

I walked in the door to these…


(sweet flowers and gift card from my boys)

AND my house was spotless! SPOTLESS! WHAT?!

How did he do it???

All the laundry was done, not that I left a huge pile in the laundry room while I was gone in hopes it would get done :)

How did he do it???

On Sunday morning, he even got the boys up dressed and went to early service. Are you kidding me?  That is impossible to get done when I’m home to help!

 How did he do it???


(he picked out their church clothes and combed their hair!  Awesome!)

AND he took a two hour nap on Saturday when they were napping.  Pretty sure I have never taken a nap while the boys nap, too much stuff to do.

again: How did he do it???

I didn’t ask.  I don’t need to know, right? But, he did set himself up for the next time I go out of town, I have high hopes of what will and can happen.

So thankful for my husband.  He is wonderful!  Never ceases to amaze me!

The best part of this whole weekend is knowing that I can leave them and know that they will be fine. 

I just don’t plan on leaving them, again,

anytime soon, Lord willing. :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

birthday celebrations in A-town

The first week in October, Jared had to work in Abilene and San Angelo, so the boys and I packed up and hitched a ride with the hubs.  It worked out perfect because Brittany’s birthday is the 3rd and my dad’s birthday is the 4th.  So we were able to celebrate 2 birthdays and eat lots of cake. :)  My great aunt, Phyllis, also had hip replacement surgery that week, so we were able to visit her in the hospital while we were home.

The first two days, we stayed with Granna and Easy. It was beautiful weather, so the boys played outside, with their cousins, and my sister and I went shopping and got pedicures.



Wednesday night, the stomach bug rudely interfered with our family time and took down Brittany, Camden, Granna and Easy.  So, we woke up early Thursday morning and headed to my parent’s house, so we wouldn’t get that awfulness again!  Jared worked and the boys and I waited patiently for Honey and Papa G to get home from work so we could play.


Honey was so kind to take Friday off so we could hang out, yay!




Oh, and she bought the boys their own pumpkins and some new toys, and they were pumped!

The BIG “cross-town show down,” aka, Cooper and Abilene High game, was Friday night.  These teams have been rivals for over 50 years.  Anyway, it’s a big deal in Abilene, so my dad and Jared went to the game. But before they left, we celebrated my dad’s birthday!


Julie and I spoiled dad with a “sports themed” gift.  Too bad the Rangers lost that week. Always hope for the Cowboys :-/


We cooked out Friday night and sat outside.  Perfect fall weather!



Gage, on the phone, as usual!





Happy birthday, Papa G!


watchin the “buds”


lots of hugs for Honey


We love Aunt Juju

Next morning, at breakfast



And then, we have to go outside.


I’ve said it a million times, but they would live outside if I let them!


It was very cold that morning, but didn’t stop Gage from sweeping!


Me and sister and the boys!

On Saturday morning, the nasty bug hit my dad and then Saturday night, attacked my mom! Sorry we were the carriers and infected yall!

That afternoon, we went to Belle’s Chicken with Jared’s family to eat before we headed back to Frisco


Braden and Camden doin a little “Chicken dance”


watching their cousins dance




As always, so much fun to go to Abilene and be with family!

Can’t wait until next time!