Saturday, March 9, 2013

Valenetine’s Day 2013

Not too many girls can say they have THREE special Valentines in their life, all living under the same roof and all love each other. :)


my children would both be eating a sucker and waffle with syrup at 7AM, right before school.  yep, I was that mom





Love all three of my boys and so thankful for the love that God has shown and given us.

We love because he first loved us. John 4:19

Do everything in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. John 15:12

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1 John 4:10


Just a little throwback from last year…


Happy Heart Day!!

Girls’ weekend at the Gaylord

Before you get too excited for me, thinking I was able to get to go to another girl’s trip in the same year, let me explain.

Every year, my mom, her sister (Nana Jana to the boys), and my grandmother, get together for a girls weekend.

Gaylord February 2013-5  

(Jana, Grandma, Mama)

This year, they met at the Gaylord.  Since it is so close to us, I decided it would be fun for the boys and I to come interrupt their weekend. 

Gaylord February 2013-4

Gaylord February 2013-1

Gaylord February 2013-2

Gaylord February 2013

And that we did.

Gaylord February 2013-6

Gaylord February 2013-7

Gaylord February 2013-3

And I don’t think they minded one bit.

Thanks for letting us tag-a-long!  See ya at the next Girl’s trip!

toddler beds

Well, we hit another milestone, and while it was hard and emotional and challenging, it’s all good now.

Since I’m about 2 months behind on blogging, it’s a little hard to remember the details, but I do remember why we chose to remove their rails from their crib and convert it into their toddler beds.  After days weeks months of the boys jumping, flying, and somersaulting out of their cribs, Jared and I decided we needed to make this transition quickly before they get hurt. 

One day, one of the many times Gage was flying out of his bed, I heard a loud thump, followed by a scream.  I checked the monitor and he wasn’t in his bed so I knew he had jumped out again.  I ran in there to find Gage laying still, on his back, not moving and just screaming.  Scared me to death.  I thought he broke his neck and immediately, after I decided he was ok, we put the toddler rails on their beds.  That was some time in January.

Like I said, it’s been awhile since we were that “phase,” but I do know it took us a good two weeks to get used to all the freedom that went on with this transition.  We tried everything to get them to stay in their bed and know that it was naptime (or night time) instead of play time.  (WARNING- to Papa G and Honey, don’t read this sentence, you won’t we did these things to your sweet, precious grandchildren) We tried rocking, patting their backs, spanking, threatening, sitting in their rooms, sitting outside their rooms, holding them down in their beds.  Not my proudest mom moments.  But after a LOOOOOOONG time of all these things, we decided they are going to have to figure it out on their own, even if it means them playing and staying up after 10 pm in their rooms, or skipping naps (they did all of these things).  As long as they were safe and in their rooms, I had to let go of control and be ok with it. 

One day, it clicked.  Finally!  And now, they occasionally get out of their beds, usually to sleep in each other’s bed, but for the most part, they stay in their beds, read a few books and then they are fast asleep.

toddler beds-2

One of the many times Gage has snuck in bed with Graham to go to sleep

toddler beds-1 

And another…

toddler beds-3

And another…

toddler beds 

And another.  Only this time, he was standing on his brother, and Graham was completely asleep the whole time this was taking place.

This next picture proves that Gage takes after his daddy in the sleeping department. 

toddler beds-4 

He fell asleep in front of his closet door the other night.

I didn’t think that day would come, but it’s here and it’s the best!  It’s all good…at least for now :)