Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Jared’s big 30th birthday is at the end of February, so his parents decided to come up here at the beginning of the month to help celebrate a little early.

(Plus, little does he know, I have BIG plans for his real birthday!)





His favorite cake, chocolate chip cookie, his mom made



At Babe’s with Easy and Granna

(too crowded, so we settled for Mexican food)

His gifts:


Superman socks like RGIII

Napoleon Prestige I Series P450PSS3 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

And a new grill, since ours was broken

Can’t wait to celebrate on his REAL birthday this weekend!

Love you Jare!


My sister had 4 days off in a row

(which never happens since she has become a nurse)

so she came to Frisco to hang with me and the boys.







Love when Jules comes to town!

Love her so!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A tale of two brothers…















*No one was hurt in this photo session…

except for Gage’s feelings. 

Poor baby, not sure what happened?



Nothin but love here.

Thank goodness for the love and bond between you two!

10 months (January 25th)


Well, time is just flying by and things around the Peel house are getting super busy! 

Sidenote: the boys are actually 10 1/2 months tomorrow, but when I write their monthly blog posts, I am writing about what they are doing up to that specific month, nevermind when I really get around to writing it.  So obviously, the boys are doing more now, but this is what they are doing up to 10 months. :)

Anyway, Gage and Graham are growing so much and changing in looks everyday.  They do not look like twins to me, just brothers.  They have two different body types, weight, lengths, hair color, eye color, feet, hands, etc.  They are starting to look like little boys, not my babies.

They have mastered crawling FAST everywhere!  They “chase” each other and take toys away from each other, and giggle at each other all day long.  By far the BEST thing about being a Mom of Multiples, seeing their interactions with each other.  They have even started some babbling while playing with each other too.



Wow!  You are on the move (I’m pretty sure I have said this since you were in utero)! 

This month (January 12th), you started taking some steps.  Surprised your dad and I for sure, and you for that matter. 

I am always so proud of each milestone, but it sure makes me sad to see how fast you and bubba are changing everyday! 

You also popped your two front teeth in this month! First, your left one and then your right one not too far behind.  Your top “gummy” grin is no more!  That really changes your looks! 

You also started making this new face.  It’s a mixture of clenching your teeth, a smile, and a mad face.  All in one.

You started “roaring” this month, as well.  You and I can “roar” all day long.  We make a pretty fierce roar together.

You keep me on my toes ALL. DAY. LONG!

Always discovering, exploring, searching.

You still enjoy eating anything I put in front of you.  You mastered using your “pinchers” too.

You still LOVE your mama and you want me in your sight, always!  Can you be like this forever :)

You’re cruising everywhere.

You always have something in your hand, usually a ball.  So, I thought it would be fitting to teach you the word “ball” and you say it all the time.  AWESOME!

Gage, your daddy and I love you so much and we are so thankful for your sweet, spunky personality!








Graham, you are doing so much this month.  You pull up on everything and you are starting to “cruise.” 

You are learning to crawl fast to keep up with your brother, or to escape from him. :)

You cut your top three teeth this month, woohoo!

You nibble and chew on everything.  I thought it was a teething phase but now I am realizing you may have inherited this from your daddy.  (He always is chewing on a straw or plastic or something bad for his teeth).  Sometimes, when I check on you, you are sitting there, quietly, chewing on something.  Usually, paper or a feather. ( Yes, a feather.  We have a down comforter that is always shedding feathers and for some reason, you like to chew on them).

You giggle and laugh all the time.  At your brother, daddy, me, or yourself.  I love when I see you crawling and giggling at the same time.  Or when you push your cart, you love to giggle then, as well.

Another thing you may or may not have inherited from your daddy is your selective hearing.  I know you hear me, but most of the time, you choose not to listen or turn around to look at me when I call your name.  But when Zoey comes running down the hall, you immediately turn to see where she is.  Once again, you can hear, you just choose not to hear your mommy sometimes.  Oh Lord, foreshadowing of the future?

You finally starting saying “Mama” this month!  I mean, around me.  Your dad claims you say it all the time around him for a couple of months now, but I finally heard you this month.  YEA!!!

You love to eat table food as well and will try anything, even if the texture isn’t right, you make a nasty face and then continue eating.

You have separation anxiety too, just not as bad as your brother.  You are more willing to go to someone new without hesitation. 

Graham, your daddy and I love you so much and we are so thankful for your sweet, giggly personality!






Papa G came to visit this month when he had meetings here.

IMG_4464 IMG_4444

Love you SOOOOOO much Gage and Graham!



Thursday, February 2, 2012

It’s funny how…

A year ago today, (February 2nd)

Jared and I were playing in the 14 degree weather,

and blizzard I might add,

building a pregnant snowman woman






and today I went for a run in a t-shirt in the 70ish degree weather


and the boys are dressed in short sleeves.

Only happens in a Texas winter!

Happy Groundhog Day! (and birthday to my bro-in-law, JC!)